Sunday, April 26, 2015

Body-painted version of Thor

I did a photoshoot with Body-paint artist Kyle Vest. We decided to try a Thor project in tribute to the upcoming "The Avengers: Age of Ultron"

Bodypaint by Kyle Vest
Photo & Edit by Jesse James Allen
Cloud design by

Thor Character by Marvel Comics

Throwback to Need for Speed 2

Back in 1997 Electronic Arts made a little video game called "Need for Speed 2" inside that video game discs were a bunch of small video featurettes of popular super cars of the era.

If you never saw any of them here let me enlighten you:

I always loved this concept and decided to use that idea as I covered the "Celebration Exotic Car Festival" near Disneyworld here in Florida.

For each of these I composed a little piece of music and just did some fun editing. Everything was shot with a GoPro on a Steadicam. I thought it was a creative way to showcase some of the main attractions at the car show.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Orlando Cars & Coffee - April Event

A little something for everybody this month, everything from a vintage Bugatti to a Lamborghini Superleggera. Plenty of American Muscle, JDM and European sports cars as well.

Music and Pictures by Jesse James Allen © 2015 Savage Land Pictures
Special musical thanks to Flonut7

Also in 3D!

3 Million!

As of today it's official, more people have stopped by to see my photographs on Flickr than live in the city of Chicago; I'm totally blown away. Thank you so much for the support everyone!

To see my latest pics check out:

Monday, March 23, 2015

Cars & Coffee - Orlando Style

When it comes to the automotive scene I know a lot of people think of the West Coast but you would be quite surprised to see what rolls into a casual Cars and Coffee event on a Saturday morning near Kissimmee Florida.

This weekend not only did I head out to the event to see the cars and chat with a the great people but I also brought along the video rig so the world can get a glimpse of our fantastic car culture here in Orlando Florida.

But it gets better...there is also a HD-3D version of the video here:

If you love cars and would like to experience this for real come join us:

Orlando Cars and Coffee - Second Saturday each month from 8-10am.

1530 Celebration Blvd. Orlando Florida

More info at or on Instagram @OrlandoCarsandCoffee

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunshine and Classic Cars

Over this past weekend I participated in the Apopka Fair car show here in Central Florida. Typically I'm just an event photographer for this type of thing but as of late I have been tinkering around with a Corvette C5 that I've been working on for a little over a year; this was its first show.

Overall this event was mostly geared toward classic American cars making it somewhat unique for the type of venue that I'm usually apart of; however, what I found in talking with many of the owners was that the stories that they told me were really not all that radically different than those of fans of any style of car.

As I was talking with an owner of a beautiful Oldsmobile Cutlass that was parked next to my Vette he had mentioned the thing that he loved most about these types of shows was just watching people walking up and smiling at the car. We pondered on that thought for a minute: I guess people smile because they see a classic car and they think about a time in their past, perhaps fond memories or perhaps it’s a car that represented a freedom or feeling they always wanted.

For me when I see a wonderful automobile I can imagine driving it down some beautiful twisty road out in the middle of nowhere, perhaps with a best friend or perhaps across the country to slay that nagging wanderlust in the most triumphant way.

These shows are really just about people who love cars, they love what they stand for, they love the memories that come along with them and the friendships gained over local food and automotive conversations.

I'm really fond of community events like this and even though my background comes from the whole Japanese tuner scene (that seems very foreign to a lot of these collectors) the feeling is still the same, when you get down to it nothing beats a beautiful day in the sunshine, a gathering of cars and a cool breeze cutting through the air.

Photos and Story by Jesse James Allen (AKA Savage Land Pictures)

Monday, January 12, 2015

Just a thought about photography

"New photographers buy an expensive camera and hope that eventually something amazing will happen in front of it.

Veteran photographers orchestrate amazing perspectives of time and adjust the lighting accordingly."

In the above statement above I am really talking about the evolution of a photographer. When photographers first start out they always have a lot of insecurities about the quality of the gear they have. New photographers assume that if they could just save up and get a really expensive camera with a really nice lens that all their pictures are going to flawlessly come out.

As one matures into a veteran photographer eventually you understand that it's not what you take a picture with but rather what you take a picture of. You also realize that the importance of getting the lighting correct because the camera is not an image creation device, it is a light capturing device; the better the light to capture, the better the image will come out.

Notice in the second part of the statement I say nothing about the quality of the veteran’s camera, that is because as you mature as a photographer you understand that you can do amazing things with minimal equipment if you have the right mentality. There have been plenty of amazing photographs created with equipment that is extremely primitive by today's standards; classic photographs withstand the test of time because of the patience, creativity and knowledge the photographer had before even hitting the shutter.

Lil Tykes - Cozy Coupe 03