Monday, December 13, 2010

My Top 10 from 2010

This was a radically diverse year for me in photography; I artistically explored everything from barren landscapes to the world of flamenco dance. I learned so many technical skills in the area of lighting and post production that it took all I had not to just try to update old photos but rather try something completely new.

So of everything I have shot this year what were my top ten favorite photos? Well here you go:

#10 "Super Bowl XLI - 2"
Super Bowl XLI  - 2
A project conceived in the mind of body painter Kyle Vest before the Superbowl just a few days before the event. This photoshoot came together in a living room on the south side of Orlando in 7 hours; the majority of that time was for Kyle to paint our model Jennifer to look like a Jersey wearing Colts fan . We flipped a coin to decide what teams Jersey to paint; we picked the wrong team but Jennifer made this shot a winner.

# 9 "I will shelter you from any storm"
I will shelter you from any storm
A trip to Disney's Animal Kingdom offered up a rare shot as a mother brought her baby out into plain view for only a moment; this was all about being in the right place at the right time.

#8 "Life"
Life 05
Likely one of the most unusual maternity photo shoots out there, Kyle vest brings a mother to be into the alien realm with a life force reminiscent of "2001 - a space odyssey" growing inside a translucent belly. Only one half of the model was painted and the photo shoot was actually fairly tense as the mom to be was being photographed on her slated delivery day. Little Mollie came two days after this shoot.

#7 "The Green Veil"
The Green Veil
A talented Yugoslavian Dancer is captured at the perfect moment by an array of 6 mono-lights and precision timing. After this shot hit the viewfinder I knew it was the best in its series.

#6 Shadows of Splendid China 01

Shadows of Splendid China 01

A tiny two foot temple takes us back to the ancient Chinese East. A fragment of the once spectacular "Splendid China" Florida Amusement Park found in an industrial suburb. I shot this photo and the rest of the series as an experiment in Macro Photography.

#5 "Starry Starry Night"
Starry Starry Night
Lost in the back roads of Arches National Park around midnight; three photographers aimlessly seek out "Turret Arch" but are unable to find it in the darkness. We hit a dead end and were pretty frustrated until I noticed the Milky Way shining down on us. I could have stayed there staring at this all night.

# 4 "Puerto Rico Pier"
Puerto Rico Pier
A visit to Puerto Rico yields a ton of amazing photographs as my now girlfriend and I dared to explore its vast Rain Forest . As we returned from a wonderful native dinner we walked hand and hand down this pier at sunset; the dog raced by me and started trotting along near the end. There is very little post in this shot, it was truly a cinematic shot waiting to happen.

#3 "Tamara"
I had never photographed a flamenco dancer before doing this series and when I asked what reference they may have to achieve the look they were after I was given a number of old painting's of dancers as reference. I spent a considerable amount of timing researching impressionistic lighting to get the art like look the dancers wanted. This shot gave me goose bumps when I saw it for the first time on the monitor; Tamara just radiates elegance.

#2 "The embrace that is the divine"
The embrace that is the divine
A descending rainstorm is trapped in the sunset during a trip to Arches National Park. The contrast rain trails were very faint at first but were fully exploited in this 3 shot HDR image with the help of bleach bypass contrast effects.

#1 "The View From Dead Horse Point"
The View From Dead Horse Point
Honestly I traveled to Utah dreaming I could create this shot after many failed attempts in my youth. The canyon lands have a very special place in my heart and I wanted to capture my own version of the canyons untouched yet colossus vastness. I used a motor drive to snap six sequential HDR sets to bring together this one image. I have this framed above my art desk now, inspiring not only in how it looks but how I felt as I stood there many times in my life gazing on something so much grander than anything man could build.

Well that is the list, feel free to click on the images to see the larger versions and read more detail on some of them. What adventures await me in 2011? I have no idea but I will for sure have a camera in hand.

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

So what do you shoot?

So what do you shoot?

As a photographer your likely going to hear that question a lot. When I got back into photography in 2007 that question was so easy...I shot cars and that was about it. Through the years and as I explored deeper and deeper into photography it stopped being so clearly defined. Just as my perspectives on life changed in these years so did my photography.

The Spyker & The SLR

In a recent photo club meet I discovered many veteran photographers hit this realization, that while they have great passion for one subject within photography, as you grow you also grow more diversified; This is likely because there is this strong desire to learn and grow as an artist . I discovered when photographing landscape and portraits at first did not seem to influence my automotive photography, it did. Many of the critical items of photography such as composition, harmonious color, lighting and mood are learned at a greater scale when I diversified by subjects.


I look at my early automotive photos vs newer ones and I see a major style influence from my other photographic ventures.

Garage Fukui MR2 Turbo

Acura NSX 2

Perhaps this is nothing more than refining ones artistic skill; like an athlete who trains and trains becoming more librated as their body becomes this case building the artistic skill to push the creative soul into realms once thought beyond reach; mentally more agile than before.

Hot Rods & Autumn Nights,

I find myself intrigued a by a variety of subjects now and all the influence and passion I learned from another aspect of photography sits there in my bag of tricks for the next project.

Dead Tree,

If you are hitting a creative rut, talk to a fellow photographer about what types of projects they are shooting now or assist them. The more dynamic your become artistically the harder it will be for you to drop into a rut creatively.

Castillo de San Marcos