Monday, February 27, 2012

Domination - Released

Domination - Rock This Island Mix

This is a remix of one of my old school long format “DJ Friendly” tracks. Domination is a relentless 160BMP acid stomper that will take listeners on ten minute escapade though dark trance, typical of witching hour raves sets of the mid 90’s.

The core of the original “Domination” track was programmed with hardware synthesizers (Oberhiem Matrix 6, Akai AX-73, Korg M3R and a Casio VZ10M) and samplers (Akai S900 and Yamaha TX16W) on an Alesis MMT8 sequencer.

“Domination” was originally released in 1995 as a 12” limited run Vinyl EP with another track called “Garden of Eden”. The EP made its Debut at “Rock Island” in Denver Colorado when I was known as the alias Kid Sonic. The album was the second release of mine in vinyl format following a mildly successful album called “Mixes from the 3rd World” that I had produced earlier that year.

The influence for “Domination” came from New York producer Joey Beltram who I heard perform on the nationally known radio show “Groove Radio”. Beltram had put together an extraordinary 13 minute performance starting with “Tales from the RZ” that I had recorded and listened to dozens of times.

I decided to remix “Domination” for nostalgic reasons with the top objective being to retain the old school feel and yet ever so slightly enhance the overall experience. In listening to the final mix I could clearly see those late night rave sets in my mind, looking down from the DJ booth into a sea of dancing people.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Tiger

Aside from the vocal and drum samples all of the sounds in this dance track were made with "The Tiger" a new VST synthesizer from HG Fortune
The Tiger is a very inspiring synthesizer with a simple GUI interface and a lush sound set. The synth was a lot of fun to work with during this track, I especially liked the Rhythmic pattern Gator/Step Modulator feature.
The sounds used to create this song were:
16 Sync Lead - The heavy bass (Was processed through guitar rig)
52 interactivity - A SFX type sound that did the build up in the intro
90 2012 Pad - The main background pad (Pulsing pad)
18 Eastern Melody - The melody sound in the main chorus of the song. Also a second tweaked version of this was used as the bass sound in the chorus.
30 TheBorgDas - Main element of the long breakdown (TB303 sounding)
48 Ladder Down - The heavy bass sound hitting in the long breakdown
57 SkrimeEDT - The light arpeggiated synth sound heard at the beginning of the track
2 Spiderlegs EDT - The arpeggiated synth heard as the build in the long breakdown
12 Ultra Overtune(DS) - Used as the ending of the song