Saturday, August 6, 2016

Reaching for the stars

There's a saying in the video game industry that nobody really leaves they just reorganized every few years.  After spending over thirteen years in the game industry I would normally say that statement is true, but I have seen a few exceptions and decided I too would become one of them.

Don't get me wrong I love video games but they are the tip of the iceberg in the future of escapism; the writing is on the wall, interactive entertainment is about to go through a massive evolution. Both virtual and augmented reality are just the first glances at new doorways into the imagination.  Just as I departed television post-production in 2002 at the dawn of the original XBOX; I have decided to cross over into the world of modern theme park design to once again explore a totally new frontier.

To achieve this I was lucky enough to discover Falcon's Creative Group in Orlando Florida: amazing people! From theme park engineers to visual effects masters pulled from the best Hollywood studios; This group has everything I was looking for in a team.

My very first project is one of my greatest interests: the American space program. I am one of the lucky ones to help tell the stories of "Heroes and Legends at Kennedy Space Center".  This is very much living a dream to me.

I could not be more excited about this journey and to play a part in what wonders await us all.

More info on the project:

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

2016 Portfolio

As some of you know, I'm looking for new creative projects and teams to be a part of. This short video is the answer to the question "What exactly can you do Mr. Allen?"

Along with this are my top 30 favorite shots from all my photography projects

If you are interested in working with me feel free to reach via the "Contact me" in the upper right corner of this site.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Keepers of Cars EP1 Relased

I recently co-produced a short automotive documentary called “The Keepers of Cars” with DeHaven Digital Photography.

The synopsis of the film is this: “Three unique perspectives of historically significant automobiles from Europe and America. From the rarest production car in the world to full blown race cars, this short documentary film explores the joy of automotive design and innovative mechanics.”

The trailer can be seen here:

The full film can be watched for free on Youtube here -The Keepers of Cars - EP 1 Florida

This short documentary is actually supplemental to an upcoming book of the same name with even more in-depth stories about the unique cars featured in it.

The project was created from the lifelong love affair I have with automotive design and engineering, as well as the frustration I have with how automobiles are often represented these days. Week after week, the same few types of cars get all the attention, and the only stories offered in the captions are the superficial things: How much the cars cost, how fast they go, and what modifications have been added. In essence, automobiles in social media and in many publications have become a lot like Pin-Ups: all visual stimulation and no substance. I wanted to tell a different kind of story and hopefully this is the first of many.

From the rarest Shelby GT 500 convertible to Carl Kiekhaefer’s land speed record breaking Stanguellini these stories should raise some intrigue with any automotive enthusiast.

I hope you enjoy the film.


For more information on the keepers from this episode please visit:

Brian Styles - also

Jason Wenig -

Hayes Harris -