Savage Land to cover the 2009 Orlando Festival of Speed

I have been one of the official photographers for the Festivals of Speed for a couple years now. It is certainly the premiere exotic automobile and luxury lifestyle event in the United States. It’s organized by a person who is very much an automobile enthusiast and views these vehicles as works of art. I couldn’t agree more and that is why I went from simply attending these events to actually working at them.

I have certainly done some very stylized photography at these events in the past to try to bring out the very best in these exotics. I have done everything from elaborate lighting with long exposures, massive panoramas, HDRI and digital enhancements. I have also learned so many new techniques in automotive photography that I have applied to other projects such as my recent “Most Wanted” gallery. For me this is a couple days in Heaven and every event I look for a way to raise the bar on what I did last year.

This year I decided to not only be inspired by the vehicles but rather some influence from two of my favorite artistic comrades, the master light painter and photo artist Ivonne Bonett as well as my assistant from the “Mirror’s Edge” and “Most Wanted” projects - David Calabrese who’s work helped in perhaps one of my most awe inspiring shots of the ultra rare Jaguar XJ220:

Being that some of the exotics slated to be on display at this event include the ultra rare Ferrari FXX, Bugatti Sang Bleu Veyron (the only one in the world), and one of my very favorites the Maserati MC12, you can bet I will be bringing my creative game to the show along with some brand new state of the art photo gear and lighting

Fans of my flickr automotive photo stream, get ready for some wonderful new images of the worlds most exciting and beautiful automobiles.

More info and previous pictures from the Festivals of Speed can be found here:

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