Bombastic Beats Back Again

t's been a very busy set of weekend for me as I am really getting back into music production. Two tracks have emerged from my late night studio adventures that you gotta check out.

The first track is Karnātaka a Daft Punk style trance track embraced by haunting Carnetic vocals. Those who have been following my music through the years shouldn't be surprised to hear the Indian influence in this track as I have long been a fan of both the Culture and Music of India and have dropped many ethnic elements in my tracks through the years.

Karnātaka Album Cover

Take a listen to Karnātaka here

The second track is Deep C: based on a track by German electronica artist Josua Kollmann called "C" . I worked with Josh on another track called "Going Mad" back in January that he sent to me through You Tube.

Deep C

Deep C: is a DJ Tiesto style all out Progressive Trance track that packs a mega-punch for 125BPM. Take a listen to Deep C:

For those interested in the tech of these two tracks I composed them in Reaper using the NI Komplete VST's and a couple of wonderful free vst's: the Genesis and some DSK plugs

Both of these tracks were a lot of fun to produce, I can't express how happy I am to be composing again.

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