Back to my documentary roots

Wow, where do I even start?

There is so much going on for me in all areas of music, photography and video production but before I go into all that is new I should reflect and something from my past; "Chiefs" was a documentary I worked on with director Daniel Junge in 2001 that aside from letting me work at Skywalker Sound for a while (on sound design and some music) it also won "Best Documentary" at the Tribeca Film Festival the year it was released. It recently became available for free viewing on Hulu.

Or pick up a copy at amazon

As for what the film is about: "Chiefs - It's been seven years since the Wyoming Indian High School Chiefs have won a state championship in basketball. For most schools, this is a rather unremarkable statistic. But for the inhabitants of the Wind River Indian Reservation, who have experienced a century and a half of injustice, basketball is a form of empowerment, self-expression, and access to the world outside "the Rez." By using basketball as a vehicle, CHIEFS explores what it means to grow up Native American at the turn of the 21st century."

Now on to recent events:

Flamenco Del Sol

Recently I have returned to my documentary roots with Latin host "Diva LaIndia" to produce a short documentary on a Flamenco Dance Duo here in Central Florida. I did all the photography, cinematography, music, lighting and edit on this. Catch "Flamenco Del Sol" on you tube:

How about some new music? Yes I have two new tracks to share, the first is a remix of "Deadstalkers" by the St Petersburg band "Fast Fists" you can hear it here on Bandcamp:

I should make note of the image on the cover that I shot with the master make up artist Kyle Vest and Bellydancer Lori Katz. This was shot on a green screen at a studio and the backdrop was lit and shot to match in Winter Park a few days later. I did the toning process in the style of "Twilight" to sell the Goth Theme

DeadStalkers Album Cover

So the next piece of music is a recent track I did just because. The track is called "Alpha" and it's a melodic trance theme in the style of DJ Tiesto. You can hear it here:

There is also a very cool video of it on you tube with some behind the scenes "making of" this track here

Also the music from the Flamenco Documentary is available here as my first venture into Dub Step:

Well that about wraps it up for now. I am currently finishing up sound design on NCAA Football and Madden 2012 with EA Sports


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