Arrullo Gitano - Gypsy Lullaby

I just released a new track called " Arrullo Gitano - Gypsy Lullaby":

Arrullo Gitano was based on the musical styles of some of my greatest influences such as "Enigma", "Deep Forest" and "Delerium". The track features atmospheric vocals against both orchestral and electronic sounds.

For me the choir and voices were the highlight of the track as they were completely done with sampler VST's from East-West. For the choirs I used Symphonic Choirs that allowed me to type in phrases for a boys choir to sing; quite amazing technology but the software achieves this by using phonemes. The Female vocal at the end of the track was also done with a sampler VST, this one known as "Voices of Passion" that not only allowed me to play in the melody of the female singer but also allowed for vocal expression with a lower set of control keys.

Back in the days when the band Enigma released Sadness Part 1 it was composed on an little known $45,000 Waveframe Audioframe 1000 sampling workstation, comparable to a Fairlight CMI Series 3 it is understandable why many people didn't create this type of music as it was financially inaccessible the bulk of electronic musicians. These days a few hundred dollars will get you a sampling workstation program that would smoke these older machines like a ham such as NI's Kontakt . For me growing up and being inspired with bands such as Enigma I finally feel my time has come and I have the ability to truly explore my musical creativity with out really any limitations (or insane financial overhead).

I put together this video to show a complete inside look to how I put together Arrullo Gitano - Gypsy Lullaby:

I know a lot of electronic musicians may question why I reveal the instruments that I use in these making of videos but I really don't see why not, it's no different than a guitarist of a rock band saying "I use a Les Paul" as it is not what the instrument is but rather how it is played. The teacher in me also feels that it is important to share this information so newer artists, be they young or old can discover the joys of these instruments for themselves and create better music for all of us.

Thanks for reading and I hope you like the new tune :)

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