The Tiger

Aside from the vocal and drum samples all of the sounds in this dance track were made with "The Tiger" a new VST synthesizer from HG Fortune
The Tiger is a very inspiring synthesizer with a simple GUI interface and a lush sound set. The synth was a lot of fun to work with during this track, I especially liked the Rhythmic pattern Gator/Step Modulator feature.
The sounds used to create this song were:
16 Sync Lead - The heavy bass (Was processed through guitar rig)
52 interactivity - A SFX type sound that did the build up in the intro
90 2012 Pad - The main background pad (Pulsing pad)
18 Eastern Melody - The melody sound in the main chorus of the song. Also a second tweaked version of this was used as the bass sound in the chorus.
30 TheBorgDas - Main element of the long breakdown (TB303 sounding)
48 Ladder Down - The heavy bass sound hitting in the long breakdown
57 SkrimeEDT - The light arpeggiated synth sound heard at the beginning of the track
2 Spiderlegs EDT - The arpeggiated synth heard as the build in the long breakdown
12 Ultra Overtune(DS) - Used as the ending of the song

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