Memoirs of a Gamer:
Working in the game industry I have often been asked what games influenced me; the list has grown quite long over the years but I was able to finally put it all together. Each game had its own unique attribute about it but in general the games with deep stories were my favorite.

Of course every great interest comes from somewhere and for me the first game on the list “Super Metroid” was the one that got me started. I decided to give a special shout out to Samus, so I hired the super talented Robaato from Deviantart to bring her to life on the album cover (Check out his amazing artwork at )

About the score: My original intent was to make this a complextro track, however after building the intro I really got into the melodic side of things and decided to try something radically different. The final piece is not based on any game theme per say but rather is a strong nod toward traditional game composition in terms of melody and tonal nature.
The complete list – My Favorite games of all time:
Super Metroid
Wolfenstien 3d
Star fox
Need for speed 2
Mortal kombat 2
Tomb raider
G Police
Need for speed Underground
Gran Turismo
Shadow of the colossus
Ace Combat 4
Knights of the old republic
Jade empire
Prince of Persia
Escape from butcher bay
Sith Wars
Odd world strangers wrath
Prince of Persia 2
Rainbow six 3
Doom 3
Mass Effect
Rainbow 6 Vegas
Test Drive Unlimited
Bad Company
Half-life 2
The Mirrors Edge
Forza motorsports
Assassins Creed
Burnout paradise
Fable 2
Portal 2
Battlefield 3
Mass Effect 2
Mass Effect 3

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