Falling in Love - Hearts of Fire Mix EP released

My remix of the "Grade-E" track "Falling in love" - The original can be heard here soundcloud.com/grade-e/falling-in-love-wip 

This version is has a harder style but throws the listeners into a "Enigma" inspired breakdown before the big ending. 

This was an original remix done in Reaper with Superwave 8, Alchemy, Battery 3, East West Goliath and Synth1. 

The very cool "Big hit" sound used to kick off the hard driving part is a sound I developed for the 8-dio "Free Radicals" Project ( 8dio.com?btp_product=free-radicals ) called "Beam Strike" It was created by a Chinese metal/silk fan slapping the end of a PVC tube. 

Special thanks to Grade-E for giving me a chance to work on this and the inspiration.

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