Samandiriel - EP Released

Samandiriel has been in production for a little while, this new track is an exciting blend of modern electronic beats and soundtrack style classical elements. 

The track features a ton of choir elements all of course sampled but I spent a lot of time trying to make it sound more natural, I have spent some serious time recording real choirs back in Colorado so I tried to envision directing a real group and tune notes accordingly. 

The piano part was one of the more complex parts of the process but I loved the flow once complete because it brought a sense of scale to the piece. 

The string parts are a simple paring of Viola's and Cello's.

The artwork for the cover is original as well: Samandiriel is the angel of imagination so I had to do something with Angels. I spent some time building the virtual set in a 3d rendering program and lighting it all dramatic.

Feel free to take a look at a bigger version of the image:


Thanks for checking out my new track, I hope you like it.

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