Mamiya RB67 Pro

Mamiya RB67 Pro by Savage Land Pictures
Mamiya RB67 Pro, a photo by Savage Land Pictures on Flickr.
I have been very curious about medium format cameras for a while now with there massive frames nearly four times the size of a full frame 35mm. By some twist of fate I stumbled upon a RB67 that for over a decade was the weapon of choice for high end studios and fashion photographers. I decided that with the new year coming it's time to learn something new from something old so this has been added to my arsenal.

It's been many years since I have shot film and back then I never had access to an instrument such as this. I am excited to use this camera to explore areas of photography still difficult for digital cameras such as long exposure night photography and such (no digital noise on film). I am also excited to experience the dynamic range the medium format is known for.

Out with the new in with the old

I have read nothing but great things by the people who use this camera. The massive RB67 is built like a tank, there are no electronics on it, it's fascinating to mess with and though I haven't shot a single frame of film yet the images I have seen online that have come from this camera tell me this is going to be a great journey,

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