Vismaya EP Relased

This one is a little different than some of my other tracks as it almost has a retro 70 rock vibe about it near the end. 

What makes this one interesting is the complete core of this track aside from the drums and Indian voice samples is that it was all made with the HG Fortune "Fortune Cookie" VST. The synth was recently released for free at: and is a lot of fun to mess with so I highly recommend giving it a try. 

The sounds used from the Fortune Cookie synthesizer: 
Fortune Cookie - Lead: Patch 62 – Modified 
Fortune Cookie - 28 Little Ghost 
Fortune Cookie - 61 Red Devil 
Fortune Cookie - 48 Ensemble Soleil Levant 
Fortune Cookie - 47 Jazz Rock Bass DS 
Fortune Cookie - 69 Voxy Satlead (run through guitar amp/distortion) 
Fortune Cookie - 84 Trancy Pad 2 
Fortune Cookie - 90 Hunter of Darkness 
Fortune Cookie - 12 Spoon Lead

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