Astral Dreamer and Keelah Se'lai

This piece is more-or-less a one synth challenge except for the drums all I used to compose this piece was the HG Fortune Astral Dreamer.

This is HG's newest creation and above all the wonderful functionality the sounds on this VST synth are just just fantastic, smooth, dramatic and full of motion. A lot of what makes the sounds sound so lush is HG's Harmonics sharpers that can be assigned to open and close off many assignable parameters but I found the LFO tie in to Harmonics to be my favorite.

On my sound cloud song "Keelah Se'lai" I'm adding in the patch data into the comments if anyone is interested in how it was put together.

I am a big fan of HG's synths mostly because I'm a huge sci-fi fan and these patches just make it so inviting to do tracks like this. For this track I went after a feel that was very cinematic yet remained very electronic (as Daft Punk did with Tron) of course being a huge "Mass Effect" fan it has a Jack Wall influence, thus how I decided on a I suppose that makes this fan art ?

As for the drums, they were done with a classic Reaktor patch called Newscool that I have adored for years, a few epic drum hits for drama as well as a basic kick\snare\HH from my old friend Battery 3.

I hope you enjoy the music!


- Jesse

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