MR2DIE4 The Extreme Machines

This is an independent documentary film I made 13 years ago about the Toyota MR2 sports car. Filmed from San Francisco to Birmingham Alabama in ten months from 1999-2000; this film was meant to be a time capsule of that era.

This version was the one slightly revised for the South East Toyota MR2 owner's club event of 2002 (Extra content). The version uploaded to you tube is straight from the original digital master however there was no such thing as High Definition video at the time so 640 resolution is the tops.

The reason I made the film back then was that I ran the Rocky Mountain chapter of the Toyota MR2 owners club back in the late 90's. I had absolutely loved my blue 1992 Toyota MR2 I had acquired a couple years prior to the making. At the time I was working for a post-production company and in 1998 made a fake Toyota MR2 commercial called "Dream On" the tiny video went somewhat viral in the MR2 community back in the dial up days (56K). Later that year I shot a half hour documentary in Colorado called "MR2DIE4" that I sold on VHS tapes via the web. The video did well enough to fund this project and being that I was so fanatic about the MR2 I traveled to many MR2 events around the country to track down the MR2's that were popular at the time.

After this video was released I received a good amount of support, though there were certainly many who thought the video should have been way more about engine and performance specs. The style of the project was certainly impressionistic more about the feeling of owning the MR2 in this era more than anything else.

I still fondly remember making this film and all the great people I met. Overall this film set the stage for many things I would do later in life such as doing sound design for "Nascar" and "Need for Speed Underground" as well as the commercial automotive photography I do today.

It was requested by the MR2 owners club that I make this available online as a historical piece. I hope MR2 owners of today and tomorrow enjoy this film .

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