Accomplishments by Savage Land Pictures
Accomplishments, a photo by Savage Land Pictures on Flickr.

What do these three things have in common? They are all things I have or helped create.

Starting from right to left:

The "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14" is the 45th video game I have done sound design for. Everything from the sound of a vintage wooden clubs in the "Legends of the Majors" mode, to water trickling down streams, birds chirping in the trees; all of those sounds were created and hooked up by myself and fellow sound designer Rob Warren. The game trailer can be seen here:

"The Festivals of Speed" a beautiful coffee table book created for the organizer of the of the popular Florida exotic car venue. This is packed full of some of the very best images I have shot covering the show from 2007-2013. Automotive friends I have shown this to really liked it, the print quality is amazing.

My "EA Sports 2013 developer plaque" I helped produce 7 video games last year from an audio standpoint.
I wrote about all the projects on my blog post here:
Each year EA gives it's employees a commemorative plaque that represents what you worked on in the past year. Even though the year says 2013 the games were developed in 2012.

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