Night photos from west Florida

Moon over the pier by Savage Land Pictures
The photo above is the St  Petersburg Fishing Pier or as long time residents of Florida may say the last remaining parts of the original Sunshine Skyway Bridge. The area was created and named a State park following a shipping tragedy in May of 1980 that took the lives of 40 people when a shipping freighter collided and collapsed much of the bridge.  An old news clip of the disaster can be seen here

Skyway Fishing Pier State Park

Today the massive fishing pier is a very popular spot for locals to unwind and enjoy some tranquility at the edge of the bay. 
I shot these first 3 shots with my Mamiya RB67 Pro on the first quarter of the pier. Thought not evident in these shots there were actually a good number of people fishing that night but most were at the far end. 

Sunshine Skyway Bridge at Night
Once at the far end I took this shot of the new Sunshine Skyway Bridge and got super lucky when an airplane likely heading toward Tampa international flew by. 

Tampa international airport

The shot above is from the Tampa airport; if you look close you can see the blur of the tram flying down the track. I have always liked airports, perhaps because it's the starting point of many great adventures. 

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