Light is the great equalizer

I have been working with the new Nikon D800E this week and decided to put it up against my Canon 7D just to see how radical the difference was using one of my typical strobe set ups. Actually I was very surprised how the 7D did in this particular comparison.

The Canon 7D
Portal Gun the 7D Version

The Nikon D800E
Portal Gun the D800E Version

Side by side:
7D Vs D800E

This is not to say either camera is bad but this test does illustrate that lighting is often more critical than body's or lenses. Both camera's were set up manually and calibrated by the same external light meter 1/250, F8, ISO100

So here is the big question:
 The 7D image was shot with the EF 28-135mm 3.5-5.6 lens - Total price with camera around $1,699.00
The D800E version was shot with the AF-S VR-Nikkor 70-200MM - Total price with camera $5,693.90
Strobe used Flashpoint 1820A - $309

Do you see a massive quality difference between the shots?

Once again I am reminded that a camera is nothing more than a light capturing instrument; light is the great equalizer!

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