Cover artist - Renegade (The Xabeldi Chronicles)

There is a new Sci Fi novel on the market called "Renegade (The Xabeldi Chronicles)" by Serena Gulledge.

I am honored to say Serena had reached out to me for the cover image to this book a while back; this is my first credit for cover art, an original illustration called "Space Story"

I just received my copy and am about a quarter way through. So far it has been quite an enjoyable read, a fast pace story about an imprisoned Mercenary sent to earth to find a woman who holds a ancient power.

One of the interesting things so far is that there is another alien race present on earth hiding in human form also searching for the same woman; So far a theme a bit reminiscent of one of my favorite classic Sci Fi thrillers "The Hidden" (with a twist of "5th Element") but like I said I have just started reading it so I'm sure there will be more surprises.

Anyway, super cool stuff, check it out at amazon:
Renegade (The Xabeldi Chronicles) (Volume 1)

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