Maranello Madness

Traveling down a beautiful country highway through the serine views of Floridian orange groves and quaint rivers I arrive at Palm Beach International Raceway. I pass through the security gate and hear an amazing sound from the race track. Through my open sunroof echos the glorious sounds of the ultra-exclusive Ferrari FXX as it rips down the straight at PBIR for the annual "Maranello Madness" event hosted by the local Ferrari Club.

Time to break the track record

The 2.6 million dollar FXX is one of thirty and in brilliant yellow. Owned and raced by Preston Henn it has been mentioned on my blog before as it is often on display at the Ft Lauderdale Mega Flea Market known as the Swap Shop 

Ferrari FXX into the pits

Doors wide open

Ferrari FXX Interior

FXX steering wheel

FXX Seats


Track day for the FXX

There were hardly any public spectators at all at "Maranello Madness" , just a sea of Exotic cars on the blacktop awaiting their turn on the racetrack. I can't say I am surprised that the event isn't more publicized as the majority of the racers are very high rolling investors, CEO's, and professional race drivers out for a day of fun with few limits.

Born to race

Track attack LFA

Ferrari California

No Pressure


I can't tell you how wonderful it is to see Exotics actually being driven and I'm not talking about the occasional Ferrari highway spotting, I mean full throttle, tire screeching, fireball out the exhaust pipe type driving.

430S racing

Track Time

Ferrari 348 Challenge

Ferrari 348 Challenge Interior

348 Challenge Car

430 Challenge Interior

Number 84

458 GTR

As you can see above there were several flavors of Ferrari prepped "Challenge Cars" on the track. Of all the cars on the track that day this group of drivers were putting down the most laps and doing so with some impressive driving skills to boot.

The new Ferrari F12 was present as well as the 458

Ferrari F12

Zinn 458

Aside from the Ferrari bliss there were some powerhouses from the far east with the Nissan GTR and Lexus LFA turning heads with their unique sounds and impressive cornering ability's.

The Lexus LFA

Lexus LFA Seats


There was also a bit of unexpected Japanese Tuner influence there with a race prepped Scion FR-S and Mitsubishi EVO chasing down an aggressive British rival, the Lotus Elise.

Scion FR-S GT

EVO Boosting

  Elise Vs Evo

And though it was not racing I did spot this beautiful NSX sitting near the track

NSX-R Side

Of course there were other flavors of European firepower willing to take on the "Prancing Horses"

Maserati Granturismo

The Maserati Granturismo

Enter the R8

The Audi R8

McLaren MP4-12C on the blacktop

The McLaren MP4-12C

Germany VS USA

and yes that is a full blown NASCAR sitting next to that Porsche GT3 in the photo above; the american beast was by far the loudest thing on track and according to other drivers the NASCAR had a good time pelting exotics with rubber marbles flying off it's tires.

The NASCAR wasn't the only american head turner, the radically re-designed 2013 Corvette Stingray was not only out to play but putting on an impressive show on the track.

The new stingray

Stingray on the track

...of course where there is Ferrari there is the nemesis Lamborghini nearby. There were some beautiful "Italian bulls" out running that day.

Lamborghini Murcielago

Lamborghini Murcielago

The nemisis arrives

Lamborghini Aventador

CNS Gallardo

and the popular Lamborghini Gallardo

For the classic exotic fans "Maranello Madness" offered up some of Ferrari's greatest hits:

Ferrari Daytona

This stunning Daytona was a real crowd pleaser, you just don't see these out and about.

Ferrari Dino

This Dino was in perfect condition.


The old school "Miami Vice" style Testarossa was out doing night laps... anyone from my generation has a soft spot for this car as in it's hay day it was the iconic exotic car.

328 VS 458

This 328 was not afraid at all sharing the track with the latest 458 during a few mid-day laps

Ferrari 512M at Sunset

The rarely seen Ferrari 512M took the honor of my favorite shot of the day looking absolutely radiant in the golden hour .

512M Dash

Of course the younger sibling that notoriously stole the 512's glory back in the mid 90's, the Ferrari 355F1 was dressed in black for some hot laps.

Ferrari 355

Ferrari 355 F1

The "Maranello" series Ferrari's were fashionably present at the race and turning many laps throughout the day.

Just Waiting

The Maranello at Maranello Madness


To make things a little more intense there were also a few open air race car cars... I thoroughly enjoyed the Radical vs Ferrari laps


Momo Racer

Momo Ferrari Uncovered

For nearly 12 hours I watched these racers have a great time behind the wheel of machines most of us only dream about. Being an automotive photographer it was a blast seeing exotics from past and present racing the clock against each other. On the side of the track, the vibe was much like that of a typical SCCA type event, just guys and gals cheering each other on, talking cars and getting pumped up for the next set of laps. It was great to see that type enthusiasm.

 As I said before it was great to see these exotics get out on the track and do what they were built to do.

35 into turn 2

360 Spider

Through the heat of "The Heat"

Into the Pits

Night Racing

Overall an amazing day! I felt very privileged to be a part of it all and get a chance to chat with some of the drivers as well. PBIR was certainly a choice venue for "Maranello Madness", it was the most fun with Ferrari's this side of the Atlantic.

Sunshine and a Ferrari

More photos can be found here:
Flickr - 2013 Maranello Madness

Thanks for reading,

- Jesse James Allen

Photos and story by
Jesse James Allen
© 2013 Savage Land Pictures

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