2 Million Views on Flickr

2 Million Views by Savage Land Pictures
2 Million Views, a photo by Savage Land Pictures on Flickr.

I caught wind of my stats on the rise a little while back and about fell out of my seat today when I saw this number….two million views. I know in this day and age many people have achieved this or a higher level of exposure on You Tube or the like when a project goes viral but when I contemplate this is me and how many people this really is it’s simply overwhelming and humbling.

As an artist all one can really hope for is that the work that we create is seen and it takes the viewer away, even for a moment. Whatever emotion the work coveys in some way it is a reflection of the person who created it…perhaps their dreams, fears, or simply an interpreted perspective.

I am grateful to all those who have checked out my work over the years and chimed in now and then. I am thankful for all the other photographers who have inspired my work as I have progressed and the many I have exchanged ideas with online. I am also very grateful that I live in a day and age that all of this is even possible in the first place.

The life of an artist is often isolated as we work in solitude behind the faint glow of a computer screen for hours on end; you never know if that thing you have worked so hard on will be considered good work. Creativity can be an endless roller-coaster of self-doubt and utter elation….catching a muse is a tantalizing hunt. When the work is done it’s a big moment to let the world see it, clicking “Upload” can be a suspenseful leap of faith.

It’s hard to contemplate that this work travels down a wire and may show up on another screen thousands of miles away… and another screen and another. That some image I created may bring joy to someone who may really need it, show someone something in the world they have never seen or inspire someone I may never meet to achieve their own artistic goals. As photographers we are nearly oblivious to the reactions given to what we put up except for comments and stats that are like flickers of light in the vast abyss of the internet….perhaps that is how “Flickr” got its name.

Cheers to all of my fellow photographers out there and thank you for the support.


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