Gamemaker by Savage Land Pictures
Gamemaker, a photo by Savage Land Pictures on Flickr.

It wouldn't make more than a Google search to discover my connection with the video game industry by the end of this year I'll have done some combination of sound, music and or direction on over 50 title from EA and EA Sports. So when asked to give a presentation on my past experiences for the studio and provide a recent self-portrait I opted to try out the famous "Joel Grimes" three light array and do a sports cover shot.

As for the Football, a little story about that. If you work at Studio Tiburon for around five years or more John Madden will personally sign a football for you (you can see the signature right under the front crease). The ball represents a sort of right of passage to veteran game development.

This year I'll have been in game development 12 years and have made games on nearly every gaming platform since the PS2 era.

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