GTR & Exotic Car Event at Orlando Speedworld

Orlando Speed World Dragway held it's 1st ever GTR & Exotic car event this past weekend. It was a grand sight pulling into the lot and seeing GTR's racing Ferrari's and a significant number of attendees.

I stopped by in the afternoon as thunderclouds were sounding off in the distance, typical for Florida this time of year. Despite the heat, humidity and harsh shadows from the sun, the turnout as commendable, especially with high numbers Nissan GTR's (AKA Godzilla)


The Nissan GTR is no joke; it's fast, it's state-of-the-art, it's has 4 wheel drive and 600HP! In terms of Supercars it's a bargain for the performance and loved by Japanese car fans worldwide. They sound amazing ripping down the track and have a great aggressive look.

This black and gold GTR really caught my eye, great color combo and seriously sweet ADV.1 Rims

Speaking of affordable Supercars there was a good number of Corvettes there. I saw a couple of C7's and some really nice Z06 C5's.

This C5 below had a massive turbo kit and a bit of an "Iron Man" theme going on.

Unfortunately as I was getting warmed up with the photography a typical late afternoon "Wrath of God" Florida rainstorm hit. Literally as I hit the shutter on the above shot the sky opened up and buckets of water fell sending me scrambling with my gear back to my car. Most of the exotics sadly departed but that was understandable.

I sat the storm through as most storms this time of year are less than an hour long. Sure enough as the sun came back and the car event carried on. Racing however, never resumed due to a very wet track.

A tastefully modified hardtop Honda S2000  by "All Version Motoring" had also waited out the storm. I am always a fan of a nice JDM and this one made me smile.

I always felt the S2000 never really got as much recognition as I felt it deserved, mostly because soon after it hit the streets the Nissan 350Z came along and took the lime-lite.

After the storm passed many of the racers were just being social. I had a chance to shoot some very nice cars out on the open blacktop including this black Z06 C5 Corvette.

A little rain on the car but nothing major.

I closed out my afternoon with some more shots of the attending GTR's; I really liked this Regal Red color:

That pretty much sums it up, it was a good day despite the rain; great cars and cool owners.

Thanks for reading,

- The Savage

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