Just a thought about photography

"New photographers buy an expensive camera and hope that eventually something amazing will happen in front of it.

Veteran photographers orchestrate amazing perspectives of time and adjust the lighting accordingly."

In the above statement above I am really talking about the evolution of a photographer. When photographers first start out they always have a lot of insecurities about the quality of the gear they have. New photographers assume that if they could just save up and get a really expensive camera with a really nice lens that all their pictures are going to flawlessly come out.

As one matures into a veteran photographer eventually you understand that it's not what you take a picture with but rather what you take a picture of. You also realize that the importance of getting the lighting correct because the camera is not an image creation device, it is a light capturing device; the better the light to capture, the better the image will come out.

Notice in the second part of the statement I say nothing about the quality of the veteran’s camera, that is because as you mature as a photographer you understand that you can do amazing things with minimal equipment if you have the right mentality. There have been plenty of amazing photographs created with equipment that is extremely primitive by today's standards; classic photographs withstand the test of time because of the patience, creativity and knowledge the photographer had before even hitting the shutter.

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