Sunshine and Classic Cars

Over this past weekend I participated in the Apopka Fair car show here in Central Florida. Typically I'm just an event photographer for this type of thing but as of late I have been tinkering around with a Corvette C5 that I've been working on for a little over a year; this was its first show.

Overall this event was mostly geared toward classic American cars making it somewhat unique for the type of venue that I'm usually apart of; however, what I found in talking with many of the owners was that the stories that they told me were really not all that radically different than those of fans of any style of car.

As I was talking with an owner of a beautiful Oldsmobile Cutlass that was parked next to my Vette he had mentioned the thing that he loved most about these types of shows was just watching people walking up and smiling at the car. We pondered on that thought for a minute: I guess people smile because they see a classic car and they think about a time in their past, perhaps fond memories or perhaps it’s a car that represented a freedom or feeling they always wanted.

For me when I see a wonderful automobile I can imagine driving it down some beautiful twisty road out in the middle of nowhere, perhaps with a best friend or perhaps across the country to slay that nagging wanderlust in the most triumphant way.

These shows are really just about people who love cars, they love what they stand for, they love the memories that come along with them and the friendships gained over local food and automotive conversations.

I'm really fond of community events like this and even though my background comes from the whole Japanese tuner scene (that seems very foreign to a lot of these collectors) the feeling is still the same, when you get down to it nothing beats a beautiful day in the sunshine, a gathering of cars and a cool breeze cutting through the air.

Photos and Story by Jesse James Allen (AKA Savage Land Pictures)

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